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Finding the Middle Ground by deaddays Finding the Middle Ground by deaddays
Hey, just another contribution to the Iraq War gallery. Everyone seemed to like the last one about Saddam so much (THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO COMMENTED AND ADDED IT, PUTTING ME IN THE TOP 5 FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!), that I thought I'd upload this one, you know, to share more feelings about this war.
It's not all black and white you know. People think that there's only 2 categories when it comes to the war: either you support the war and wanna bomb Iraq, or you oppose it and want nothing but peace and no one to get hurt. But there's a middle ground too. And I don't mean being INDECISIVE about the war, but to have views that support a little of both. One could support the military and those fighting, but want peace. There are grey areas. Beliefs don't have to be so rigid all the time. So relax, and don't be afraid to find your middle ground on this subject. It's a tough one.
P.S. You know, that Saddam "It Begins" pic got more hits than all my comics COMBINED I think. So c'mon, if you've got some time, stay and browse my strips. You'll like em. Thanks for reading everyone!
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saywut97 Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2012
who choose to kill every single one of those terrorist bastards, say I
XxZombieUnicornxX Featured By Owner May 11, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I think this could also go for war in general. I think most of us agree that war isn't a good thing, but it seems like people see it in black and white: either you are a die-hard pacifist who thinks war is always wrong in all cases, or you're an anarchist. The thing is, most people I know actually fit into that middle category you're referring to. I'm NOT an anarchist, but I think it's important to defend your country. Killing a bunch of people over something unimportant is evil, but it's not evil if you're defending your country and you've tried to make peace but it's not working.
paxtofettel Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2010
Enero25 Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2007
Man, I needed to see this cartoon. Both sides are so loud and depressing... :blahblah:

Do you still believe there's a middle ground, four-and-a-half years on? It seems like each camp hasn't progressed at all-no dialog, no movement, no progress.

I think I'm pro-peace, but I want to bring the Iraqis along, not abandon them in the mess we made. But how do we do that? I can't work that through. It's almost as if nobody cares about the Iraqis themselves, not even their own countrymen, and that's the hardest thing to deal with.
AllenHwong Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2007
Fucking you USA!You make me sick!You killing Iraq people!You killing Moslem!You shouldn’t have done that!
You can't their religion,their resist strength!Are you insane?You will bombing North Korea?How dare you! You will bombing Iran?Cut it out. You stupid jerk! USA!We’ll never forgive you!Dead people will never forgive you!Go to hell! Go to the devil!I'm so fed up with your BS. Cut the crap.Bush!You eat with that mouth1You are executioner!Shut your Big mouth! Shut up!What do you think you are doing !You never tell the truth!
No war,No Liberation!No Blood!No Freedom!Resisting Iraq!
TheIronCross Featured By Owner May 6, 2009
Good Sir you disgrace yourself, you speak of no blood yet blood is spilled in waterfalls and comes down in storms with or with-out the U.S.A., You Speak of No Liberation yet you use your liberty, you speak of no war yet you support the slaughter of millions and the oppression of all. you speak of no freedom but still you use it. You are no more valiant as a cur to denounce us, you aim your attacks against the USA, how about you go walk down the streets of a Muslim country breaking religious law, and shouting profanities and other such as this you will have a high chance of being taken by a terrorist group and executed. Religion? you speak of religion, you dare to even speak a word of religion, religion has nothing to do with it besides how much the tyrants of terrorists have twisted it to benefit themselves. You don't believe in freedom then don't use it, millions would die for it, and they do.
AllenHwong Featured By Owner May 31, 2009
Then we talk about some countries and regions, as well as the time, 1983, Grenada, 1989 Panama, 1990, Liberia, Somalia 1992, Bosnia 1994, 1998, Port-au-Prince, 1999 in Yugoslavia, which is what?
xXElleXx Featured By Owner May 26, 2007   Writer
great cartoon, great message.
it is hard to pick a middle ground; like others may have said, needed to be done but some of it's sooo wrong, it's just...hard
but yeah, great cartoon.
Ross-kun Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2006
Seriously dude! All this War/Anti War Liberal/ Conservitave Republican/Democrat .... it's freaking tearing America Apart.... there doesn't seem to be much that's still United in the "United" States
deaddays Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2006  Professional Digital Artist
Wow. That's so very true.
DoodlesDeDaSarcofago Featured By Owner Aug 6, 2006
you know, i'm starting to think that everyone thinks they have the middle ground on this. well the picture's not very descriptive of what you do support. but to me, and this is my opinion only, i think that every one in the states is getting peace of mind, thinking they can hate saddam, and want peace at the same time. i dont think its really fair to sort of, find out one side is less correct, yet still support it. i mean a bunch of the people here wanna kick saddam's ass? he had nuthin to do with 911, or the U.S, except they got the nicest oil, and the americans want it. i see no peace in this war. i see no benefit for the iraqi's. this is quite, imperialistic bullshit. wake up, and just realize, the middle ground, is the one you make.

this piece brings peace to those who are as confused, who dont wanna be a bad person while still making turban jokes. some people dont really wanna find out theyre racist. watch "crash".
Artymas Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2004   Traditional Artist
o_o Major props for getting me to laugh out loud!

xDDD Major hilarious...ness. o.O;;
hiyoko-chan Featured By Owner Apr 25, 2004
nice comic i like how u protrayed the people who feel inbetween..i'm gonna havta say that i'm more pro-war for several reasons...
one, i was born in the military and i've seen my dad go to war twice now..and i have never been more proud of him in my whole life; he risked his life to protect my family n our country..
two, i honestly havta say that ever since i born n introduced into the military scene, i see ALL political views in different perspectives becuz i've been all over the world n see everything for what it really is..or from what i think it is o_o
lastly, i think our country is acting out of a bee hive, if the hive is attacked, the bees are obviously not gonna let it slide n allow it to happen again..they'll fight to stop and prevent another attack..n that's what i think our country is generally doing..

i say this cuz i plan to follow in my father's footsteps..i'm prepared to fight n even die for this country [war does bring fear, but even when i am afraid, the determination i have to protect our country will give me all the courage i need]..i want to protect all of you in the future n defend the freedom that was given to us....i'm ready!! BTW, awesome comic! =)
deaddays Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2004  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks so much for your comment on my piece. I COMPLETELY respect what you and your family stand for and am glad there are people like you out there fighting the good fight for people like us to enjoy everything we have. I wish you all the luck in the future. Oh, also, you're icon looks like NAVI from Legend of Zelda. I'm playing Majora's Mask right now and I'm trying to rescue you're pixie ass. :) Hope to save you soon!
hiyoko-chan Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2004
thanks :hug: i'll protect u in the future! =D
oh yah i made a lil Navi icon save me save mee! XD
qoi Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2003   Photographer
Awesome comic with a message! :D (Big Grin)
chain Featured By Owner Apr 23, 2003  Professional
I'm on middle ground...
RxJoker Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2003  Hobbyist General Artist
Totally feeling this one...*nods* Thumbs Up
muffinface Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2003
very well done, very true.
mimiru Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2003
Thank you so much for making something like this. Its hard to get anyone to listen to your views when you can't clearly define them as one way or the other. But I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who thinks that way. +fav !
icepunk Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2003
--i'm against the war, and i prefure there not be one, but i have little say.
there for all i can do is hope my friends in the millitary will be all right, and hope it ends soon, with out bombs.....
boozmation Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2003
I don't wanna say that im not for either.. becuase i am for both.
I've been finding myself in this situation for the majority of whats been happening latley.
I think Saddam is a loose cannon (see the last decade's worth of anti saddam feelings), yet i don't like at all how this war was sold to us.
I almost feel like a hypocrate.

Great picture and artistry.. cartoons are the ultimate way of expression.
fr3d Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2003
Nice job, this sums up realy good whats happening...
gustoboy Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2003

i feel that having saddam out of power would be GREAT, i think democracy in iraq would be GREAT.

but, i worry about what this new policy of pre-emptive strikes could mean for our foreign policy, and i worry about loss of life, and i worry about american corporations taking advantage of the iraqi market before it gets its bearings.

overall i oppose the war ---- but anyone who supports it feels the need to yell, "OH, so you LOVE SADDAM? why dont you go LIVE IN IRAQ if you HATE america so much?"

and its frustrating. great work here. youve captured it brilliantly.
alynnwells Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2003
This is perfect. I was complaining to my mother last week that I couldn't think of another conflict in which the moderates are considered the lunatic fringe. :/
angelblood Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2003
Hehe, funneh!
jamierocket Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2003  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
This is very very good!! I really like it mainly because I can relate to it for I am in the middle ground....And I guess I'm not the only one.
crunch Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2003
breaking-reality Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2003  Professional Photographer
+fav this is an instant fav, because it seems that the middle ground is almost non existant, I mean, I'm not for war, and i think Bush is pretty much a moron, but at the same time, we can't back out now, and we have a cause, a poor cause, but to back out now, is suicide on our country, so I will stand on the middle ground, even it I fall off and die, that's my problem.

I love this.
h-hour Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2003
good. Nice idea and well executed.
brilliance Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2003
Man this is prob my fav from the gallery. It's exactly how I feel about the war.. and I think artisticly is a great peice. It defnately conveys the message. +Fav.
evee Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2003
Instant +fav The drawing is remarkable, and what you wrote was incredibly well put. I think I will look around a while. :D (Big Grin) Judge
ryuentran Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2003 captured how many people such as myself feel about this. I'm so caught in the middle and the two sides are pulling me to join their side while maintaining said neutrality. This has inspired me and I might add something to honor the troops that are fighting.
kit-t Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2003  Professional Digital Artist
very nice concept :D (Big Grin) +fav
weezil936 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2003
maybe you should switch this around.. so that the peace people are on the left, and the bomb saddamers are on the right.. get it?.. heh... sorry...
moodyblues Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2003  Hobbyist
*whew* And I thought I was the only one who felt this way... lovely pic :D (Big Grin)
retroactive Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2003   Writer
Cartoon is pretty much a representation of alot of people's feelings that are drowned out amid the chaos of war and protests.
croation Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2003
wow man, you said it all.....

Thank you.
siredspike Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2003
Hey i like it, great idea about how there are two sides and not everyone wants war or doesnt want war, exactly how i feel. It's great how you put a message on. +fav
dragonofnarnia Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2003
I admire's not bashing either side, like everything else has been. It's not blind hatred towards our government or anything else like that. Good work.
kimikohime Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2003  Hobbyist Digital Artist
you couldn't have said it better. I've been debating inside myself all day. It's nice to know there's plenty others where I stand too.
Thanks for giving me some piece of mind.
denizengt Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2003
What about the underground side?? Disarm America?

Yeah well, we don't get too many votes :D (Big Grin)

Hail you, for your artistically superior skills, and a will to use it in beneign context!! :D (Big Grin)
balisong Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2003
Oh for crying out loud I can't believe how many people are saying there's noone taking the middle ground. If I hear one more person say "I don't want this war but I suppose it's something that has to be done" or "I hate the idea of war but I'm supporting the troops" I'm going to puke. Open your eyes, there's far more people on that little island you think of as just being you, far too many if you ask me. Don't think you're such an amazing little individual.

That sounded bitter, but this pissed me off. The drawing is well done though....
peepingdan Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2003   Digital Artist
I like this one because it doesnt really resort to stereotypes. The war and peace sides both look identical. I've found that out to be true. You can't tell a peacenik by looks, nor can you find a war monger. Likeable, but then again, I have different views of the middle ground. Here is a graph =) (Smile)
Radical Extremism black-----gray---undecided/gray----Radical Extremism White

So basically, my definition of middle ground is: no opinion.
randiradio Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2003
Thank you!!!!!
v3fusion Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2003
You've got a good point there!
betaone Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2003
we shoulda just assassinated sadam and his familie
fuzzybudgie Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2003
definately how i feel :) (Smile) thanks Heart
alkaline Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2003  Student
Very nicely done. Kudos to you my friend. I think this is the first submission I've seen where it wasn't one extreme or the other. Great strip.
:D (Big Grin)
osyris Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2003
Somehow I think there are more ppl stuck in the middle like you...but it sure as hell does not feel like it. All alone in a sea of hate on both sides. Nice job!
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