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February 4, 2004
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Surprise Full Proof Evidence by deaddays Surprise Full Proof Evidence by deaddays
President Bush, in a recent interview with Dianne Sawyer:

Dianne: But (you) stated as a hard fact, that there were weapons of mass destruction as opposed to the possibility that he could move to acquire those weapons still—

Bush: So what’s the difference?

Dianne: Well—

Bush: The possibility that he could acquire weapons. If he were to acquire weapons, he would be the danger.

IF he COULD, he WOULD be the danger... if he COULDN'T, then he WOULDN'T. Right? *sigh*
Well, that's the topic that a the writer Curtis Vincent down at my paper wrote about, leaving me free to make THIS piece, which I am really proud of. Yes friends, this is about as close to actual proof as we're likely ever to see.
I got the idea and knew it would be really hard to pull off, because it would have to be JUST SO and depended on alot of untested factors to come together and make it funny... 5 hours later... swish. :D In my opinion anyway.
Enjoy the politics, folks! I'll be back with Part 2 of the KUNG FU FIGHTING series of Dead Days in a few! Thanks for reading!
P.S. I think this marks, like, the 10th time I've made Saddam the star of a comic. That guys got charisma!
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j-- Featured By Owner Jun 8, 2004
thats awesome, i love the expression on his love to see bush's expression after seeing it to. But ten bucks says he'll still look like a monkey
arwenita Featured By Owner May 26, 2004  Professional Interface Designer
AHAHAHAHAHAAH RFOL I MEAN amazing!!! This is not just excellent drawed, but the idea, and how simple you were able to put it on a comic its amazing XD your work rocks XD
darksparc Featured By Owner May 4, 2004
all I can say is that this is SO amazing and your sense of humor is priceless. x]
excelsis Featured By Owner May 4, 2004
this is great, very powerful and wonderfully done. +fav.
Autumn-Sun Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2004
Heheh. Quite amusing...

I think a dog would do better than Bush as president...
aeternitas Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2004
T'is quite funny though . :)
inmyhead Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2004
i'm so very amused.
renonevada Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2004  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hmmm, a M-29 500 lb. Cluster Fragmentation Bomb. :nod:

I used it for reference here [link] and here [link] :D
TerminallySuburban Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2004
Hahaha, well done! First they said he definitely had and intended to use weapons of mass destruction, then they said that he definitely had facilities which were almost certainly used with the intent of making weapons of mass destruction, then they said he definitely WITHOUT A DOUBT intended to hopefully have weapons of mass destruction someday. As we speak, they're having Colin Powell dig up a letter to Santa Claus from Saddam Hussein that proves conclusively that Saddam Hussein REALLY REALLY wanted weapons of mass destruction. And a pony. Keep up the good work!
vouloir Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2004   General Artist
hah. +fav
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